I cultivate my own Indigo in the pristine terroir of Tasmania. My studio sits above  the ever-changing ocean which inspires my designs. As Natural Indigo has long      been known for its anti-bacterial and health enhancement qualities I only use      Natural Sustainable fabrics often hand loomed to further the beauty and health      qualities of this product.

 The use of my own Indigo has further led me to an understanding of the complex  nature of this dye. The seasons release different intensities of the blue color as does  the number of times fabric is immersed in the vats I care for. It is the manipulation

 of the color variants of blue that make Indigo so highly prized. Commercial,  synthetic Indigo is of course only the plain dark blue.

 like many before me since recorded time it is the alchemy of these amazing plants  that becomes so addictive, how a green leaf can be coaxed to produce the most  beautiful range of blues we call indigo is true magic.  The liquid of the indigo  fermentation vat is itself yellow/green but when the immersed fabric is released

 to the fresh air the magic begins and slowly the yellowy green turns to blue as

 oxygen  is snatched into the fibers..

  This is the color that changed the world, was more highly valued than gold and    traded internationally along the trade routes.

  I use an ancient alchemy with a modern interpretation, sometimes overlaying the  dyed fabrics with translucent or metallic detailing.

   I hope the wearing of my fabrics brings you both joy and health.

    Colleen MacSporran.

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