Kaftans ( or as we call them), SHAKTANS come in all lengths from short to long, as jackets, long dresses or tops and are free size.

In France locals call their beach house a Villa, here in Tasmania ( Tassie to locals) it's known as a SHACK,some of these are grand productions , others celebrate the laid back style we are known for and Shaktans embody this laid back, kick off your heels  style of life.

Shaktans are a glamorous, easy and comfortable part of any wardrobe whether short, long or Vatican jackets to throw over jeans and T'shirts.

The silks are all handcrafted  & dyed using our own Organic Indigo and the designs inspired by the Sea and nature that surrounds us on this beautiful Island.

 Silk is a protein fibre made by silk worms from the Mulberry tree and, like hair, it is best washed with a wool wash or baby shampoo taking only a short time to dry in the shade.

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